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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

thoughtomator is retiring

I am retiring from blogging and all internet commentary, and politics as a whole.

While I know many have appreciated my unique point of view over the many years that I have used this handle, I have finally had enough of politics. My naivete and innocence are now completely extinct - I know now for certain that there are so few who share my point of view at this point in time that there is no chance that I will see any of my hopes fulfilled.

The world is insane; and in the context of an insane world, it is I who appear crazy to many. I'm tired of fighting uphill all the time. I'm tired of having to explain the fundamentals of what America is in every conversation. I'm tired of all the deniers of Islamic ambition. I'm tired of having to argue with even Republicans that it is not just for the government to confiscate more of my income than was required of a medieval serf, who was considered in his time to be a slave.

Robert Heinlein predicted this state of affairs in Stranger in a Strange Land; this period of time was known as "The Crazy Years". (Read the book if you want to know what happens next.) The wisdom of Jubal Harshaw was never as clear to me as it is now.

It's time to look out for #1. It was a mistake to let my love of my country and my love of life itself to distract me from my personal concerns. Don't make the same mistake I have made all this time. Forget politics - an honest man will never have enough allies in positions of power to make a difference. It is enough to be willing to lay one's life down in defense of that which one loves. I owe the world no more than that.

When reason returns to the national debate, when I perceive that discussing issues with others is no longer a complete waste of my time, perhaps I shall ressurect thoughtomator. Until then, my participation in this conversation brings me only frustration and pain and anguish. I don't need it. Until then, I will cast my ballots unmarked to register my complete dissatisfaction with all politicians, all political parties, and all policies. All my internet links to news and politics sites are already deleted, and I pray I am wise enough to keep it that way.

May God bless America. We are going to need it.



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