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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is no one serious about terrorism?

written in response to a comment on linked in the title of this post. I'm tired of people who support the administration telling me that not supporting "nation building" is tanamount to surrender to terrorists.

I understand that some people adhere to the party line no matter what. But I have no respect for it.

Ron Paul adheres to the Constitution. A real conservative, not a fake Bush globosocialist "compassionate conservative", understands that that is primary.

By the way, Bush's War on Terror is liberty-destroying BS and I'm glad to have someone like Ron Paul in office fighting for my freedom. Bush himself decried the very sort of "nation-building" that he is engaged in now, back when he was first asking for our votes.

So quit your "surrender" canard. I can tell you are at no real risk of personally suffering a terrorist attack from the lightweight arguments you offer; the worst risk you run by backing these wrongheaded policies is perhaps a minor economic loss. Since it's my neck that's actually on the line, not yours, I'd appreciate if you'd learn something about terrorism and Islam and the principles of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness that make America what it is before you toss more of my hard-earned money into this futile effort while doing nothing that actually lessens my risk of terrorism.

You want to fight a war on terror? Here's how:

1) Call out Islam for the murderous religion of savage barbarians that it is;

2) Control the borders;

3) Engage in a crash program of establishing American independence from Arab oil; and

4) Attack our enemies with overwhelming force until they unconditionally surrender.

If you can't bring yourself to back this program then you should leave the discussion so that adults can deal with serious issues without your interference.

I'm disgusted by all the people who are so blinded by the party line that they can't see how totally ineffective at actually combatting terrorism the administration's policies are.

I vote that the consideration of anti-terrorist policies be restricted to those of us who have actually personally endured Islamic terrorism. The rest of you have no idea what you're talking about and haven't the incentive to take it any more seriously than just another political football. Pizza, anyone?

I survived the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and also 9/11 by the grace of God. Nearly lost both my mother and sister in 9/11, as well, and got to smell the mixture of incinerated human flesh and aluminum for three weeks afterwards. I live just outside DC; my family is in NYC. I've had plenty of incentive to be thinking about this far far longer than you have. This administration is not doing anything that will substantially reduce my risk of suffering another terrorist attack.

Play your frivolous games with someone else's life, not mine.


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