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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech, Aliens, and Gun Control

The murders at Virginia Tech have, predictably, brought out the harpies of gun control with a vengeance.

Count on hearing nothing from them on the topic of VT declaring itself an unarmed victim zone, erm, I mean gun-free zone.

The VT campus was the ideal gun control environment; any student caught with a gun on campus would have been, by policy, expelled.

But zero tolerance for guns doesn't do a thing to prevent a criminal from obtaining one illegally, all it does is make sure that good and decent people do not have the tools to defend themselves and others, should something like this occur. One armed citizen could have stopped this in its tracks before it ever got started.

The perp has been identified; he is a foreign national permanent resident alien from South Korea. It must be asked: how did a foreign national in the United States get these guns? According to rumors flying around the 'net, someone claiming to have been the one to have sold the guns to the perp expressed relief that all the paperwork was perfectly in order (and thus, his own butt covered).

Something I do not know, and am very curious to find out, is if it is in fact legal for a foreign national to buy guns here.

On a personal note, I will soon officially be a Virginian. After I convert my driver's license and registration, and sign up to vote, my very next act will be to apply for a concealed carry permit. Then my next act following will be to finally, as a US citizen, for the first time in my life, be able to unashamedly assert my 2nd Amendment rights to self defense. If some foreign national goes on a shooting spree in my neighborhood, I will personally guarantee that he won't get to kill 30 people.


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