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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus IV: The Corzine Effect

So, while racing his way at an illegal speed to another Imus-related panderfest, while wearing no seat belt - I am referring to the guy who instituted the practice of the "seat belt checkpoint" in New Jersey, of course - Corzine's (evil, global-warming-causing, baby-eating) SUV was allegedly forced of the road due to the actions of a red pickup driver.

Well, they found the driver of the pickup.

And he's been charged with...? Nothing. Why exactly did they track him down? What was he questioned for?

The driver is referred to as 20 years old, a worker at an Atlantic City casino, and a "special needs" driver. So I guess he wasn't a suitable scapegoat for the Governor's self-inflicted injuries.

This all has me wondering quite a bit, as to whether the "special needs" of the driver include legal permission to be in the United States in the first place. This story, when combined with the official version of events, simply doesn't add up.

The experienced media watcher at this point must consider the two major possibilities to be:

1) The driver is an illegal alien, and the governor being a coddler of illegal aliens will under no circumstances allow this fact to become public; or

2) The whole story about the red pickup was horse manure in the first place.

In either event, Corzine is looking a whole lot less deserving of sympathy than, say, the falsely-accused, media-lynched Duke lacrosse players.

Where's Nancy Grace now that we need someone to ask some hard questions and insist on answers with substance?

Update: It gets even better. Apparently Corzine's vehicle was flashing emergency lights as well. So that's three laws he was breaking, in addition to an additional abuse of power, using taxpayer resources to attend an event that had absolutely nothing to do with the responsibilities of his office.

No wonder they're trying to suppress information about this incident.


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