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Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus II: The Law of Unintended Consequences

This Don Imus controversy is getting more and more enjoyable. Suddenly, Imus himself is no longer the sole focus; instead, the long, storied, and explicitly racist history of Sharpton and Jackson now get the stage, as well as the drenched-in-derogation rap industry. Bravo!

What's more, all the fakers in this story are poised to get their comeuppance:

- Media Matters, the self-appointed media censorship group, now is itself under scrutiny, as to the legitimacy of the purpose of their mission, the fact that the people propogating this story are openly paid agitators, and the complete lack of criticism from that group with regards to far worse perpetrators of media degradation, who just happen to be aligned with the politically correct sponsors of the group.

- Jon Corzine, who, while traveling to a forum to pimp these grievances, and in the process of breaking at least two of the laws he is charged with enforcing, encounters an act of God, divine justice, sending him to the hospital and effectively ending his governorship, if not his life. I for one don't believe the injuries are limited to what has been publicly admitted, and I say good - couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

- Hillary Clinton, another individual who has not hesitated to wield the grievance stick, now has to explain why she accepted a fundraiser from a rap industry executive. One sterling example of this gentleman's work features 24 references to the word that white people aren't allowed to say - on one track alone. $800,000 flows to the Hillary campaign... will she weather the storm? Will her media allies bury it? Or will she lose even more ground in the fundraising race to the upstart Obama?

- Sharpton and Jessie J and Louis Farakkhan, whose grossly racist past is now coming back to haunt them. Sharpton in particular is getting it from two sides, now that the Duke lacrosse players have been cleared. Tawana Brawley, and all the racist statements that came from Sharpton as a result, make him look like the lying racist hypocrite he is when either topic is discussed. Hymietown Jackson himself has a lot of explainin' to do, for his extensive Jew-baiting past. Farakkhan - all you need to do is listen to any typical speech by him to realize that the primary bastion of frothing race-hate is the self-appointed black leadership. All three of them have careers that depend on the continuation of racial strife, and all three risk destruction.

Moreover, there are at least two major points that have yet to arise in the public debate, both of which could be potentially devastating to the Lefty culture that has poisoned our nation for so long.

- One of the Rutgers players, in a typical pre-programmed racial grievance statement, declared that this "scarred me for life". That's a little bit extreme, even for a lib to swallow; if something like this is a lifelong scar, you're waaaaaaay too hypersensitive, and perhaps just a bit mentally unstable. In terms of actual lifelong scars, it turns out that these lovely ladies have done quite a bit of self-inflicted wounds in the form of tattoos, which just so happen to be real lifelong scars. I would love to see this unfortunately popular phenomenon be publicly condemned as the self-degradation that it is. You want respect, honey? Then show us you respect yourself.

- It is starting to dawn on people that what Imus said is not at all an uncommon statement; that his chief crime is being a white person saying it. When the Cosbys of the world criticize the rappers for encouraging bad behavior, they get ostracized by the self-appointed leaders of the black community. Perhaps if he'd gotten the message, that it's perfectly OK to criticize those things if it is targeted exclusively at white people, he'd be a hero instead of an outcasQt.

As Drudge loves to say, "developing..."


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