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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus and the End of Rap "Music"

Now it's official - the thought police have completely put Don Imus out of business, with his radio show gone as well as his TV show. The new sheriff is in town - and he doesn't take kindly to racially charged slurs, especially against black women.

Thank heavens for that!

I've been complaining about the degradation of music for a long time, and (c)rap "music" is at the top of my list of complaints. Since degrading black women is now cause to lose your job, it seems certain that this principle, equitably applied, will put 99% of rap manufacturers out of business. And it couldn't come soon enough for my tastes.

Thanks to Don Imus' inadvertent error, there is hope for the music industry once again.

We all know that the rule against ethnic slurs and degradation of black women will be equitably applied, now don't we? Buh-bye, Tupac wanna-bes, and good riddance.


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