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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sean Hannity, You Blithering Shill, or How and Where Iraq Was Lost

Coming back from work today, I was pissed off for other reasons, when I turned on the radio. Normally in the rare instances I do listen to the radio (in my car when I've forgotten the MP3 player or just don't have a mood for music) I listen to conservative talk radio.

So I turn on WMAL and get to listen to Hannity blathering on about how the war in Iraq is vital and how the Democrats are hypocrites and are saying all sorts of terrible things, with the subtext that the Democrats are the ones responsible for the debacle in Iraq.

The Democrats ARE hypocrites and do say all sorts of terrible (and insincere) things, because they are willing to say anything that will get them power. But they cannot be blamed as primarily responsible for our problems in Iraq. They were unhelpful, except to the enemy, but until a few months ago they had control over exactly zero branches of government. The state of Iraq is wholly the responsibility of Republicans, and the failure to acknowledge this (and responsibility for a whole host of other negative things) is the chief reason why they are now a minority in Congress. The GOP had full control over the government for over three years of our involvement in Iraq, and like it or not, they own this puppy.

We lost Iraq directly due to the actions of the Republican government, period. It was lost when instead of acknowledging Islam to be the enemy, which it is, we were told by the President and Commander-in-Chief that Islam is "a religion of peace". No it's not, scumbag, it's a religion of chopping people into little bits, and anyone who studies a lick of history can figure this out.

The war was lost when it was decided that instead of giving close and exclusive inspection to Muslims, who earned such scrutiny with their own words and actions, it was decided that normal Americans would have to endure harassment and violation by security personnel in airports instead.

The war was lost when people started realizing that the President's interest in security is a farce, as he not only allows but encourages millions of Mexicans to invade our nation in direct contravention of his sworn duty. If we won't defend our own borders, what business do we have defending Iraq's?

The war was lost when the standing order was given for National Guardsmen on our border to retreat in the face of an armed force crossing the border. It was lost when people started asking why Americans had to give up liberties for homeland security when the worst violation of homeland security was going on with the approval and encouragement of the President and many in Congress.

The war was lost when it was decided that our soldiers should be something other than the world's best butt-kickers. It was lost when it was decided not to take out the sources of enemy funding and personnel in Iran and Syria. It was lost when our soldiers found that every person shooting at them would get a lawyer and a trial before our guys got to shoot back.

The war was lost when enemy combatants got to prance about for the cameras in Guantanamo rather than being terminated on the battlefield with the extreme prejudice they had earned. It was lost when the same happened to Saddam.

The war was lost when Al-Sadr demonstrated open defiance of the United States and paid no significant price for his actions. It continues to be lost with every breath that odious pig takes.

The war was lost when a Republican President decided his top domestic priority was the enactment of big-government programs and other policies previously found only on the Left. It was lost when a Republican Congress became the most profligate in memory if not in history. It was lost when due to these actions, the coalition that had elected George Bush twice in the face of the most rabid Democrat opposition was shattered by the very officeholders who betrayed promise after promise.

The war was lost because of all these things, and every last one of these decisions was made by a Republican President, a Republican Congress, or both.

So it really doesn't matter, ultimately, what the Democrats did or did not do, because they weren't running the show.

So screw you, Sean Hannity. Some of us actually do care about the defense and future of this nation, and it's because of shills like you who adhere to party line with no critical eye or skepticism whatsoever helped to usher it along. You're just another politically elite a-hole making yourself rich by acting against the clear interest of Americans as citizens and America as a nation.


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