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Monday, November 13, 2006

Bears at Giants 11/12/2006

This was in my pre-game opinion, the game of the season, a titanic struggle for home-field advantage in the NFC. So I bought a couple of tickets and got seats in the first tier - a great view. Unfortunately, the Giants stopped playing in the second half. I guess it really does matter when two Pro Bowl DEs, a Pro Bowl safety, your leading receiver, and a starting linebacker are all out, especially when your second receiver and a starting cornerback are also hobbling back from injuries. It didn't help having a key lineman breaking a leg in the first quarter, either. Eli Manning played what must have been the worst game of his professional career - the stats say he completed 14 passes. I must have missed the first eight because after the time I got to my seat, midway through the first quarter, he could have completed no more than 6 for the rest of the game.

This was a big-time blown opportunity for the Giants; however, this is tempered by the fact that they simply didn't have their "A" team on the field (due to aforementioned injuries). When you have to start a tackle at DE, you are in desperate straits!

The game was a lot closer than the 38-20 final score indicates; the Giants were leading for the entire first half and part of the second. The Giants' "D" deserves major kudos for an excellent performance, especially under those conditions.

We'll see you in Chicago over the winter, Bears fans. Just remember that next time we'll have the whole team there to play. Turnoversaurus Rex, keep on fumbling!

I had actually driven up from VA to NYC just for this game; it was a horrible drive, with rain the entire way and terrible traffic. What is normally a 3.5-4 hour drive became seven plus (thus I missed part of the first quarter). Afterwards I drove my friend back to the city and then drove all the way back down to VA, for a grand total of 12 hours of driving in one day.

I'm exhausted but it was nice to see my first football game in person.


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