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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Time flies

Has it really been almost a year since I last made a post here? I guess it has. Now I have not one but two kittens, but I cannot blame them for my lack of updating this blog. The reason I have not updated this blog is because I put most of my politics-related thoughts down on Free Republic.

Alas, that is no more. I have done something I had not thought possible, which was to become too politically conservative for even Free Republic to accept. You see, I have judged the GOP, and found it wanting.

I had long placed all my hopes and faith in the GOP, that it would be the vehicle through which America would return to its roots - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet an accounting of six years of unified GOP governance shows that not only have those hopes not been fulfilled, but we have lost even more ground in the meantime.

This is not to say I have any fidelity whatsoever to the Democrats; surely they are today as vile a political party as America has ever seen. But between them and the GOP it has not been a study of contrasts; instead, it has been a race to the bottom. As corrupt as the Democrats have traditionally been and still are, the GOP is doing all it can to match their record.

A brief list of the unacceptable:

- Campaign reform
- Mexico policy
- The midgame forfeit in the War on Terror
- Preservation of the filibuster
- Failure to reform Social Security
- Prescription drugs subsidies
- Pork-barrel spending
- Online gambling ban
- Supplication to the UN
- Sandy Berger's slap on the wrist

That list is just "off the cuff", so to speak. Given that it's late here and I'm pretty tired, there are many important things that aren't on the list. For now, though, it's a good summary.

Which brings me back to my (voluntary, in case anyone was wondering) departure from Free Republic tonight. Free Republic is a revolutionary forum, a ground zero for conservative thought on the Internet. The owner, Jim Robinson, is a good man who has every right to be proud of his historic accomplishment. I too was proud of it, even if just for the minor elements which I contributed, like the ability to link and respond to a specific post.

My role on Free Republic was that of an agitator; whenever possible I would try to put out an alternative way of looking at any given situation, even where I myself did not necessarily believe the alternative was sound. The purpose of this was, like my handle, to move thoughts. It has been the strength of the modern conservative that he can entertain a far wider variety of ideas than can the modern dogmatic leftist, and by doing what I do, my aim was to contribute to that strength of reason by challenging any line of thinking that was even remotely dogmatic. In forcing conservative ideas to be thought through to rebut dissent and alternative opinion, the results were more robust, logical, and relevant than they may have been otherwise - and the serial demolition of the Democrats in three straight elections was the result.

In contrast, the Left tolerates no dissent or alternative opinion whatsoever (just try to talk to one about something that does not align with their belief system). Free Republic's acceptance of my controversial, smart-alecky self was proof that the Right indeed has been the true bastion of actual tolerance of ideas and free thinking.

Alas, my latest idea was a step too far for even that remarkable site.


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