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Sunday, October 29, 2006

NFL Sunday Week 8

It's a little late to be putting up picks, but since the games haven't yet started, it's all good. Here's my picks against the spread this week:

Giants +9 vs Bucs: Giants
Browns +2 vs Jets: Jets
Titans +3 vs Texans: Texans
Eagles +7 vs Jaguars: Jaguars
Bengals +3.5 vs Falcons: Falcons
Bears +16 vs 49ers: 49ers
Packers +4 vs Cardinals: Packers
Chiefs +6 vs Seahawks: Seahawks
Saints +2 vs Ravens: Ravens
Chargers +10 vs Rams: Rams
Steelers +9 vs Raiders: Steelers
Broncos +3 vs Colts: Colts
Panthers +5.5 vs Cowboys: Panthers
Patriots +2 vs Vikings: Vikings

A few game notes:
Look for Giants to meet up in blowout city today. How can you favor the Browns over any winning team? Texans building a future, Titans building a grave. Always root against the Eagles as a general rule. Falcons learned how to play from the Giants - and they're quick learners. Bears +16 vs. Oakland I still wouldn't take 'em; One freak 45-point game does not an offense make. Hate taking Packers over anyone, but then there's the Cards, who have proven they can lose anywhere, anytime, regardless of the circumstances. Saints are good but not as good as they're made out to be. Rams playing well, Chargers not, 10 points way too much to give there. I would have taken Colts at -3, but if they're giving me +3 then all the better. Cowboys will fall apart completely - morale is totally shot. Vikings show that this isn't the SB year Patriots.


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