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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Questions for and about Harriet Miers, Nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States of America

What makes Miers a superior choice to the long list of excellent, available, and well-known jurists?

Did Miers have a conflict of interest in accepting a position she was hired (with taxpayer money it should be noted) to fill with someone else?

Do Miers and the President share a conflict of interest in her having served for quite some time as his personal lawyer, one that would not be relevant to an executive branch position but would be relevant if she held the position of Justice of the Supreme Court?

Given that she is currently serving as White House Counsel (in addition to having the previously noted personal conflict of interest), will she have to recuse herself, possibly resulting in an evenly split Court, on cases that may be critical to the survival of the republic? Could she ethically rule on any case in which the federal government was a party?

Will Miers serve the President, or the people?

What were the circumstances of Miers' transition from Al Gore-supporting Democrat to George W. Bush-supporting Republican?

Why would a woman who claims Christianity become the head of an organization dedicated to gambling?

Would Miers have been picked for the seat if she were a man?

Does Miers believe the United States should be governed or guided by foreign systems of justice?

Does Miers support affirmative action?

Does Miers, whom the President professes shares his beliefs, believe in rights for illegal aliens? Does she believe in the sovereignty of the United States?


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