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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"Isn't That Bitch Dead Yet?"

Day 13 of starvation and dehydration at the order of the court.

Ironically, Michael Schiavo's angry-yet-rhetorical question has taken on new meaning.

If Terri Schiavo wanted to die, why isn't she dead yet?

Because of the abuse she has suffered, staying alive is the only way she can express her will on the matter. And express her will she has! People who want to die don't endure this many days of starvation and still cling to life.

I don't want to turn my blog into a Terri Schiavo page, but while this continues there is no other issue that is truly worth writing about. The future of America will be largely determined by her fate, and our reaction to it. Though those who support her husband may gloat, I don't think they truly realize the depth and breadth of revulsion that this slow-motion murder has created. Those who would be satisfied to see her die will forget about this almost immediately. The rest of us will never forget it, and the will of the people will reflect it for a long time to come.

UPDATE 3/31/05:
Day 14: Terri Schiavo died today, having out-survived 6 of the 9 prisoners starved together with Fr. Maximillian Kolbe. I'm still waiting to hear whether her husband was the only one in the room when it happened.


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