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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Conspiracy to Murder Terri Schiavo

From a pulled thread at Free Republic came the inevitable accusation of devolving into conspiracy theory:

They believe her husband, the judges, the lawyers are all in some sort of conspiracy to get rid of her and hide evidence of abuse and murder. It's sad.

My response, reposted for preservation:

It's easy to see how all those individuals, each acting in their own self-interest, could conspire to starve Terri Schiavo to death, if you don't restrict your definition of the word "conspire" to mean a bunch of people in a sealed room poring over a master plan.

The husband wants his wife dead for a variety of reasons none of which have anything to do with her wishes or well-being. This is very easy to establish. Thus he hires a lawyer who will help him attain his goal.

The lawyer has a career of promoting euthanasia. The lawyer is happy to help because it helps him fulfill his own goals. The doctor who diagnosed PVS also has a career in euthanasia and thus too has the professional incentive to pronounce Terri a vegetable.

The hospice is in the business of caring for people who are about to die. The lawyer was on the board of directors of the organization. Furthermore, it has a financial interest in saying its patients are about to die even if that is not true.

The judge accepted a good deal of money from the husband's lawyers in the form of campaign contributions. Furthermore, his own pride is on the line and it is perfectly understandable that in defense of his own self-image he is heavily prejudiced against countermanding one of his own judgements.

The other judges have an interest in the supremacy and illusion of infallibility of the judiciary, and also an interest in that their own rulings are not overturned. Furthermore the other judges in the state will have to work with the judge in question in the future, so there is a business relationship at stake. Thus they are prejudiced to support one of their own, especially after it became a struggle between branches of government.

Amazingly enough, not every conspiracy is conducted by a secret society with the ability to precisely place its agents in the right positions at the moment of truth.


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