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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Case Against Michael Schiavo

This is an outline of a post that was never completed, from 3/24/2005. I'm putting it up now just in case it is useful in the aftermath - after the travesty of the gravestone, it's clear that this isn't a closed case at all.

The official story of Terri Schiavo's injuries and subsequent health care doesn't add up. The reasons I say this are as follows:

1) The medical records and other testimony that are public are not consistent with the claims of Michael Schiavo and the conclusions of the courts in explaining the origin of Terri Schiavo's injuries.

A) Affidavits of Nurses and Nursing Assistants
1) Carol Sauer Iyer
2) Heidi Law
3) Nora Lynn Wagner
4) Carolyn Johnson

B) Evaluations of doctors
1) Dr. Michael Baden
2) Dr. William Hammesfahr
3) Dr. Alexander T. Gimon
4) Dr. William P. Cheshire

2) Michael Schiavo's statements during the malpractice trial are not consistent with his later statments and behavior.

3) A large number of conflicts of interest are present, casting grave doubt on the fairness of court proceedings.

A) on the part of Michael Schiavo
1) financial
2) marriage (adultery)
B) on the part of Judge Greer
1) campaign contributions
a) contributions of lawyers for Michael Schiavo
C) on the part of George Felos
D) on the part of Hospice Woodside
1) CEO Mary Laybak - board member of Partnership for Caring, an offshoot of the Euthanasia Society of America; membership in Hemlock for Hospice
2) Barbara Sheen Todd - board member
E) on the part of guardian ad litem Dr. Wolfson

4) Substantial errors of law in the process of determining the facts of the case can be documented based on the public record.

A) Errors in determinations of "living will"
B) Errors in determinations of proper guardianship
C) Prejudicial and illegal orders issued by Judge Greer
1) 3/24/05 - illegal prior restraint against FL DCF
D) Errors in other venues
1) 11/03 Judge Baird
2) 3/05 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
E) Errors in judgement by Judge Greer
1) 8/14/01 Denial of medical tests

5) Health care decisions and other actions contributing to injuries and aggravation of existing injuries of Terri Schiavo

A) Denials of Rehabilitation
B) Non-removal of electrodes
C) Non-performance of tests necessary for evaluations
D) Denials of basic health maintenance
E) Enlistment of questionable medical personnel
1) Dr. Stanton Tripodis, who has 5 malpractice suits against him
2) Dr. Ronald Cranford, euthanasia advocate
F) Questionable medical decisions
1) Enlistment in hospice care for 3+ years demonstrates intent to kill
2) withholding of medical information from family 2/93 - ?
3) 9/95 M. Schiavo order to withhold treatment for infection

6) History of violent and coercive behavior of Michael Schiavo

1) Statements by ex-girlfriend Cindy ?


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    Michael Schiavo's 30-70 Minute Gap Exploded Away Regarding 911 Call Seeking Assistance for Terri Schiavo

    Charts prove a much larger gap in which Michael Schiavo did not seek help and also prove his various testimonies are merely concocted stories made up while under oath,.

    Michael Schiavo asserts on Terri Schiavo's tombstone that she departed this earth on February 25, 1990 but failed to tell that to the medical malpractice jury when seeking and winning millions of dollars for her care. Charts explode away 30-70 minute gap mentioned by authorities regarding Terri's "collapse" and time Michael Schiavo waited in seeking help and add an additional 2 hour gap. In fact Michael's accounts proven to be no more than stories hiding his complicity in her collapse. See the charts:


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