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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tenets of the Religion of Liberal:

1 - The U.N. can do no wrong, even when it is openly exposed as conducting the biggest graft operation in history.

2 - Being American is a capital crime, unless you are a devout Liberal breaking the law, in which case, let your conscience be your guide.

3 - Anything conservative is, de facto, 100% the reverse of Absolute Truth

4 - The purest, most innocent act of human will is to kill a human child growing inside of you.

Corollary 4a) There are too many people anyway.

Corollary 4b) Men, being unable to do this, are intrinsically inferior.

5 - If it feels good, do it.

6 - Venting irrational rage at perceived enemies in purposeful spite of civil order feels good. Very, very good, in fact.

7 - The ideal solution to any problem is a government program.

8 - Everything is at all times exactly how you think it is.

Corollary 8a) Irrefutable proof after the fact that you were wrong was put there by time-traveling aliens.

9 - Anything illegal that you would also want to do is okay.

10 - The Clintons are one of us.


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