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Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Passion of the Independent Voter

On my part, the passion I have, for the side I find myself on this year, derives directly from two indelible experiences I have had. The first was in 1993, when as a 19-year-old kid on the second day of my first corporate job, I escaped the first bombing of the World Trade Center. The second was during and after 9/11, when I became more familiar with the smell of vaporized human flesh than I ever wanted to be.

These experiences, and the study of geopolitics - especially Middle East politics - have impressed upon me what I believe to be the true level of gravity of our situation not only as Americans, but as members of Western civilization as a whole. I firmly believe that there are millions of dedicated jihadis who are willing to die to kill us all - you and me equally. Furthermore, I am not at all confident that a biological or nuclear attack on us is any more inconceivable than the events of 9/11. And if America succumbs to catastrophic terror, the rest of the free world is sure to soon follow.

John Kerry, the Democrat party, and the anti-war crowds do not show any sign of understanding this, of how real it is. This is not a boogeyman designed to distract the people from our true concerns, like the tyrants of the Middle East use Israel. This is not a phantom conjured so that Dick Cheney can get his buddies at Halliburton some big-bucks construction projects. This is our genuine, primary concern as a free people.

Now, I'm politically independent, but that does not mean I do not have an opinion or am available to be persuaded by any argument. I do have an opinion - that the USA is worth defending robustly, and that the lives of US citizens are not for the taking by any tyrant. On 9/11 it was perfectly clear that we experienced an evil that nothing could justify, one that threatened us all through its impersonal malice, one that hated us so much, so irrationally, that it could not be reasoned with or accommodated.

This year, only one candidate understands this. However he may be imperfect, he is defending us well and pledges - very credibly given the record - that he will continue to do so.

Democrats used to understand this.

Zell Miller - the most popular man in Georgia politics in this century - is hard evidence thereof. But not Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle, the Clintons, Jimmy Carter, Terry McAuliffe, and the rest of the powers that now be in the Democrat party. They are more interested in their own self-aggrandizement than the health and security of this nation, and it shows, which is why they are now getting their heads handed to them, so to speak.

Given the nature of this jihad, they can only accumulate further enemies over time. They will not stop until we stop them. Others can be very helpful, but there is no one else who can do it without America's firm support. This is a threat of global proportions. The aim of the jihad is to frighten us into appeasing their demands, which quickly escalate into unsatisfiability. This is a decentralized threat; it has no head to cut off and must be defeated in detail. It exists in many pieces - AQ, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and every other local and global jihadist pan-Islamic group across the globe. They are intricately intwined with each other by a radicalized brand of Islam - Wahabbism. For us to win, each and every one of these groups needs to be shut down.

In the midst of all this, the Democrat party seems to be little more than a vehicle for the personal ambitions of Hillary Clinton; it has very little to lend itself to the needs of America. Running on universal health care just doesn't cut it in the middle of World War IV. Running away from attacks on America itself is not a viable solution.

We tried that in Lebanon; we tried that in 1993 when I escaped the first bombing of the World Trade Center. We tried that with North Korea, and let them go nuclear as a result (thank Clinton and Carter); Russia tried that in Chechnya and Inguishetia; Israel tried it in the territories, we tried for 12 years to do that with Iraq, Serbia tried it in Kosovo, the UN is trying that right now in the Sudan, and every single time it has failed. Every time.

What Bush is doing, what Roosevelt and Truman and Eisenhower did, that worked, and is working. We need to stand together behind the prosecution of this war so that we, and many more people around the globe, will be free from this very clear, very real threat.

There is nothing wrong with dissent itself. It is dissent for its own sake, which I believe is the most well-articulated policy of the Democrat party at this time, which is a danger to our survival. All the gripes you have now will look petty in the face of more 9/11s and the economic dislocation thereof. Bush may not make that easier for you, but jihadists can sure make it a lot harder.

I share your horror at the reality of just how evil men can become. It is hard for a person who has a good heart to understand just how a man - worse, a group of like-minded men - to fly planes full of people into buildings full of other people, or to shoot hundreds of children in the back.

But we must come to terms with the fact of their existence and the very real fate they have planned for all of us. We need to do as much as we can, and do it now, and that is the overriding concern of the Office of the President for the forseeable future. There is only one candidate that sees that, and that candidate deserves my - and your - vote.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions, and blood of better men than himself. --John Stewart Mill--


  • At Saturday, September 11, 2004 12:57:00 PM, Blogger PeachCobbler said…

    You have nailed the issue squarely on the head. This country is worth defending robustly. Our enemies are seeking with all their might to bring us down and they have a variety of plans already in action.

    Whether certain peace activists and their special interest supporters want to acknowledge it or not, it is indeed significant that there have been no other terrorist attacks on our soil since 9/11.

    There comes a time when good men have to make hard decisions. We have seen those times in our nation’s past, and now we are seeing those times again.

    If I thought for one minute that there was someone other than our sitting President who would be better at leading and defending this country, that person would readily have my vote. But in his speech at the Republican convention, Zell Miller articulated many things that have crossed my mind. I do believe that the man this nation needs as President is George W. Bush and come November, I will be voting accordingly.


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