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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bye-Bye Whoopi

It's good to see this country hasn't completely lost its sense of decency.

On July 8th, 2004, John Kerry held a fundraiser at which Whoopi Goldberg was a performer. She did the now-infamous comedy act, filled with obscenities and off-color jokes. According to John Kerry, she represents the "heart and soul" of America.

I beg to differ. And so have a heck of a lot of other people.

Last week, Whoopi Goldberg was the spokesman for Slim-Fast. This week, she is not. Did the $1.2 billion dollar overnight drop in the value of Unilever (parent company of Slim-Fast) have anything to do with it? I suspect it did.

Slim-Fast dropped Whoopi like the steaming turd that she is, in response to the launch of a boycott by conservatives against Unilever. Now, her children's show on Nickelodeon is also in the target sights of the conservative boycott brigades.

Some will inevitably attribute this to "intolerance" by conservatives. I think that's correct. It is intolerant, of potty-mouthed disrespect for a President who has not behaved in any way that deserves such disrespect. And that's a good thing.

While "tolerance" may be all the rage, it's plain that too much tolerance is as large a problem, if not larger, than too little. I don't believe anybody should be arrested, or otherwise persecuted or prosecuted for foul language or disrespectful behavior. However, I don't like at all the excess to which previously non-tolerated behavior has come.

Do we really want a country where any person feels free to speak that way at any time, expecting no negative reaction? I sure don't. I don't want children learning this behavior and thinking it acceptable for regular day-to-day interaction with others. I'm not tolerant at all of people with no morals being glorified by a media with no morals influencing kids to have no morals.

While government is not a solution, social pressure is. And it's working, very well. Whoopi Goldberg is just the latest casualty of t hese social boycotts; the most well-known casualty is of course France, which has been socially boycotted for over a year now due to its perfidous behavior in the run-up to the war against Saddam. The French tourism industry, a major pillar of its economy, dropped precipitously as Americans chose other vacation destinations. The French wine industry is now also in dire straits as a direct result of people simply not wanting to subsidize offensive behavior.

Kudos to the boycotters - this is real democracy in action. Whoopi Goldberg does not belong in the role of a company spokesperson, or worse, the host of a children's show, when she brings with her so much offensive baggage. And France does not deserve the dollars of Americans, when its insincere, cynical, and corrupt behavior endangers those very same Americans.


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