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Thursday, June 24, 2004

An Open Letter to Santa Fe, NM Councilman David Pfeiffer

Re: 6/26/04 statement by Councilman Pfeiffer

Dear Councilman Pfeiffer,

I'm not a member of your district or even a resident of your state. I'm just a true-blue American in New York City, and one of the people who were in the World Trade Center when it was bombed in February 1993.

I want to thank you for your endorsement of George Bush for a second term. I personally am not registered to any party, nor interested in doing so, but I do vote, and I am enormously concerned about the survival of our country. It brings me no end of relief to hear that Democrats like yourself, and Sen. Zell Miller, understand the fact that our nation is in a real war, fighting for its very survival.

There are no words to express the admiration I have for men in positions of power who have the courage to acknowledge our obligation to ourselves to exercise our right and duty of self-defense. We are not free if we are subject to the whims of barbarians whose behavior knows no limit of cruelty and savagery.

Do not listen to the pleas of cowards who hope that if only they appease Islam, it will not bring more death here. The sum total of those arguments are not worth the life of any single one of the many innocent US civilians who would be sacrificed, should the counsel of fear prevail here. I did nothing to provoke that attempt to kill me in 1993.

I was a 19-year-old kid on his second day at his first real job, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that is the essence of the story of the first time I became an attempted murder victim for the glory of Allah. On 9/11, I was fortunate enough to have been late to an appointment; I would have been beneath the building inside the subway at 9 AM that morning if I had adhered to my planned schedule. This kind of ideologically-motivated mass murder is insane, and failing to act to stop these people in every way possible could with a single failure on our part, cost tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of lives. These people are *not* deterrable like the Soviets were or the Chinese appear to be. They want to die. And they want to take us with them.

If we don't act decisively, they will take us with them. These animals have learned to use mid-20th century weapons of immense destructive potential.

I watched President Clinton do nothing for eight long years. Then I looked out my window and the World Trade Center was gone. (And now I hear him offer excuses. I am not consoled.) I smelled every moment for two long weeks the mix of ash, aluminum, and vaporized human flesh that was once my city, my countrymen, and the embodiment of the collective achievement of humanity. There is not a day I do not feel the empty space in the skyline where the Trade Center used to be.

This is the truth, and it's high time more of our country than just conservatives and Republicans knew it. The outrageously biased major media outlets are doing everything they can to hide it; it depends on people like you to get the rest of the country to understand. We can't afford the unjustified, extremely immature opposition-by-reflex that now dominates the Democrat party - America will pay for this in the lives of its own citizens.

The courage of men like you gives me no end of hope. I can only pray that there are others out there like you who will in the coming months give voice to the truth and let clear-headed reason prevail over cowardice.


New York, NY


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